Tadiran TL-2150/S 3.6V 1/2 AA 1 Ah Lithium Battery (ER14250)

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Unraveling Excellence: Tadiran TL-2150/S Lithium Battery for Unmatched Performance


In the world of energy storage solutions, the Tadiran TL-2150/S Lithium Battery shines as a beacon of excellence, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. With a voltage of 3.6 volts and a capacity of 1 Ah, this 1/2 AA-sized powerhouse is redefining standards in various industries.


Unmatched Specifications and Performance

Voltage and Capacity:
Operating at a stable 3.6 volts, the TL-2150/S ensures consistent power delivery, even in demanding applications. With a capacity of 1 Ah, it provides ample energy reserves for extended operation, catering to a wide range of electronic devices and systems.

Chemistry and Termination Style:
Powered by Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCI2) chemistry, this battery offers exceptional reliability over an extended lifespan. Featuring a button top termination style, it facilitates easy installation and connectivity, ensuring seamless integration into various devices and equipment.

Dimensions and Weight:
Compact yet powerful, the TL-2150/S boasts a diameter of 14.5 mm and a height of 25.2 mm, making it suitable for space-constrained applications. With a typical weight of 9.2g, it remains lightweight while delivering reliable power reserves, ideal for portable and handheld devices.


Maximum Current Capabilities:
With a maximum recommended continuous current of 50 mA and a pulse current capability of up to 100 mA, this battery ensures reliable performance, even in high-demand scenarios, meeting the needs of diverse electronic systems.


Key Features Setting the TL-2150/S Apart

Extended Shelf Life:
With a shelf life exceeding 10 years, the TL-2150/S offers long-term reliability and usability, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and reducing operational costs.
Low Self-Discharge Rate:
Boasting a self-discharge rate of less than 1% after 1 year of storage at +20°C, this battery retains its charge effectively during periods of inactivity, ensuring readiness when needed.
Excellent Environmental Resistance:
The TL-2150/S demonstrates outstanding resistance to humid environments and wide temperature ranges (-60°C to +85°C), ensuring optimal performance in diverse operating conditions.
Safety and Reliability:
Featuring a non-flammable and non-pressurized inorganic electrolyte, this battery prioritizes safety, mitigating the risk of accidents or hazards during operation and storage.

Applications Across Industries

The versatility and performance of the TL-2150/S make it indispensable across various industries, including:

Wireless Sensors and Telemetry Systems: Remote monitoring, data logging, and asset tracking.
Security Systems: Alarm panels, access control devices, and surveillance cameras.
Medical Devices: Patient monitoring equipment, drug delivery systems, and portable diagnostic devices.
Industrial Automation: Process control, instrumentation, and data acquisition systems.
Oil and Gas Exploration: Downhole tools, pipeline monitoring equipment, and seismic sensors.

Competitive Landscape and Alternatives

While the TL-2150/S stands out with its exceptional performance and features, several alternatives exist in the market, including:

Tadiran TL-4902, TL-5101, and TL-5902
Saft LS-14250 and LS-14250c
Toshiba ER3v
Sonnenschein SL-350/S, SL-750/S, and SL-150/S
Generic 14250 batteries

Power and Reliability Redefined with Tadiran TL-2150/S

The Tadiran TL-2150/S Lithium Battery epitomizes excellence in energy storage technology. With its unmatched specifications, innovative features, and diverse applications, it continues to drive innovation and power the technologies of tomorrow. Whether deployed in wireless sensors, security systems, or medical devices, the TL-2150/S stands as a testament to reliability and performance, ensuring seamless operation and unparalleled functionality in various environments.