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Power Up with Blue Sleeve Lithium Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-evolving landscape of battery technology, Blue Sleeve lithium batteries have earned a reputation for their reliability and versatility. With an extensive range of sizes and configurations, they cater to an array of applications, from industrial to consumer electronics. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Blue Sleeve lithium batteries, including popular sizes with tabs (ER14335), 3.6 Volt ER14335 2/3 AA, 3.6 Volt ER14505, ER14250 (LS14250), Battery with Tabs (LS14250 & ER14250), LS14250 (ER14250) 3.6 Volt 1/2 AA Primary Lithium Battery with Leads, 3.6 Volt ER18505, C (LS26500 / ER26500), C LS26500 (ER26500), 3.6 Volt ER34615, and D (ER34615).


ER14335 with Tabs: Compact Powerhouse


The ER14335 lithium battery with tabs combines a compact size with impressive performance. Operating at 3.6 Volts, this battery is commonly used in memory backup systems, utility meters, and wireless alarms. The tabs make it easy to integrate into a variety of electronic devices, ensuring a reliable power supply.


3.6 Volt ER14335 2/3 AA: High-Performance in a Smaller Form Factor


For applications where space is a premium, the 3.6 Volt ER14335 2/3 AA lithium battery excels. Its smaller form factor doesn't compromise on performance, making it ideal for devices like remote controls, medical equipment, and more. The tabs provide a secure connection for uninterrupted power.


3.6 Volt ER14505: Steady Power for Extended Durations


The 3.6 Volt ER14505 lithium battery is known for its steady power delivery, making it suitable for applications with extended usage requirements. It's commonly used in devices such as smoke detectors, security systems, and GPS trackers. The tabs enhance its versatility for various integration needs.


ER14250 (LS14250) - Versatile Power Source


The ER14250, also known as LS14250, is a 3.6 Volt 1/2 AA Primary Lithium Battery renowned for its versatility. It finds applications in utility meters, remote monitoring, and even in the aerospace industry due to its reliable performance and long-lasting power.


Battery with Tabs (LS14250 & ER14250): Simplified Integration


Blue Sleeve offers battery options with tabs (LS14250 & ER14250) for simplified integration into your electronic projects. These batteries, rated at 3.6 Volts, are commonly used in IoT devices, memory backup, and many other applications that require a dependable power source.


3.6 Volt ER18505: High Capacity for Demanding Tasks


The 3.6 Volt ER18505 lithium battery packs a punch with its high capacity. Devices that require a steady and extended power supply, such as utility meters and alarm systems, benefit from its performance. The tabs facilitate easy installation and maintenance.


C LS26500 (ER26500): Robust and Reliable


Blue Sleeve's C LS26500 (ER26500) lithium battery boasts a robust design with a 3.6 Volt rating. Its 8500mAh capacity ensures dependable power for applications like industrial automation, GPS tracking, and wireless communication equipment.


3.6 Volt ER34615: Unmatched Capacity and Longevity


For applications demanding exceptional capacity and longevity, the 3.6 Volt ER34615 lithium battery is a top choice. With a capacity of 19000mAh, it excels in memory backup systems, data loggers, and military equipment. The tabs ensure a secure connection, crucial for these demanding applications.


D (ER34615): Powering Critical Operations


The D (ER34615) lithium battery by Blue Sleeve is designed to power critical operations. Its 3.6 Volt rating and 19000mAh capacity make it indispensable in industries where uninterrupted power is vital, such as oil and gas, utilities, and military applications.


Conclusion: Elevate Your Devices with Blue Sleeve Lithium Batteries


Blue Sleeve lithium batteries, available in an array of sizes and configurations, have proven themselves as a reliable choice across numerous industries. Whether you need a compact yet powerful battery for your remote control or a high-capacity, long-lasting solution for critical operations, Blue Sleeve has you covered. The addition of tabs enhances the ease of integration, ensuring your devices have a dependable and secure power source. Embrace the future of battery technology with Blue Sleeve and experience the difference in performance and reliability.