Door Lock Batteries


Your Ultimate Guide to Door Lock Batteries: Ensuring Security and Convenience


Door lock batteries are the silent guardians of our security systems, ensuring smooth operation and peace of mind in our homes and businesses. Understanding the various types and specifications of door lock batteries is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our security measures. 


Exploring Door Lock Battery Types:

DL-08 6 Volt Saflok A28110 / HTL11 Door Lock Alkaline Battery:
Specifically designed for Saflok A28110 and HTL11 door lock systems, this alkaline battery provides reliable power to ensure uninterrupted security.
Known for its long-lasting performance, the DL-08 battery offers peace of mind in high-traffic areas such as hotels and commercial buildings.
DL-19 6 Volt Saflok Select 6 HTL6 Door Lock Alkaline Battery:
Compatible with Saflok Select 6 and HTL6 door lock systems, the DL-19 battery delivers consistent power for seamless operation.
Its alkaline composition ensures durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for various commercial and residential applications.
DL-16 9 Volt Kaba Ilco Unican HTL2 Door Lock Battery:
Designed for Kaba Ilco Unican HTL2 door lock systems, the DL-16 battery provides the necessary power to maintain security measures.
With its 9-volt capacity, this battery offers extended longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements in high-security environments.
DL-2 6 Volt Saflok HTL1 Style B Door Lock Alkaline Battery:
Compatible with Saflok HTL1 Style B door lock systems, the DL-2 battery ensures smooth operation and reliable security.
Its alkaline composition provides consistent power output, making it suitable for both residential and commercial door lock applications.

Choosing the Right Battery:

Determine the voltage and compatibility with your specific door lock system.
Consider battery lifespan and reliability to minimize maintenance requirements.
Follow manufacturer recommendations for optimal performance and compatibility.
Purchase from reputable suppliers to ensure quality and reliability.

Door lock batteries play a crucial role in maintaining the security and functionality of our locking systems. Whether you're securing your home, business, or hotel, choosing the right battery is essential for uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.