Omnicel Lithium Batteries: Powering the Future of Electronics


In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, the demand for reliable and long-lasting power sources has never been greater. Omnicel lithium batteries have emerged as a frontrunner in meeting this need, offering a wide range of sizes and capacities to cater to various applications. In this article, we will explore the versatility and excellence of Omnicel lithium batteries, including sizes such as 2/3 AA, 1/2 AA, AA, C, D, and prismatic options, highlighting their performance and suitability for diverse industries.


2/3 AA Omnicel 3.6 Volt (ER14335): Compact Powerhouse


The 2/3 AA Omnicel lithium battery, boasting a 3.6 Volt rating, is a compact powerhouse designed for applications demanding a high energy density within limited space. With its impressive performance and reliability, it has found applications in everything from medical devices to industrial sensors.


ER14250 (LS14250) Omnicel 1/2 AA: The Perfect Balance


The ER14250, also known as LS14250, is an Omnicel 1/2 AA lithium battery known for its exceptional balance between compact size and capacity. With a voltage rating of 3.6 Volts, it's a favorite in applications such as utility meters and security systems.


ER14505 Omnicel 3.6 Volt AA: Steady Power Supply


For devices requiring a steady power supply, the ER14505 Omnicel lithium battery with its 3.6 Volt rating is a dependable choice. Its consistent performance over its lifespan makes it suitable for use in applications like wireless alarms and data loggers.


Omnicel 3.6 Volt C 8500 mAh (LS26500 and ER26500): Robust Energy Reservoir


When it comes to providing a robust energy reservoir, the Omnicel 3.6 Volt C-sized lithium batteries, available as LS26500 and ER26500, excel. With a capacity of 8500 mAh, these batteries are often seen powering high-drain devices like GPS systems and oceanographic instruments.


OmniCel 3.6V 400 mAh (EF651615 / LTC-3PN) Prismatic: Innovative Prismatic Design


The OmniCel 3.6V 400 mAh lithium battery stands out with its prismatic design, making it a versatile choice for applications demanding unconventional shapes. Its reliability and innovation make it suitable for powering smart cards, RFID devices, and more.


OmniCel 3.6V 750 mAh (EF651625 / LTC-7PN) Prismatic: Enhanced Performance


With its enhanced capacity of 750 mAh, the OmniCel 3.6V prismatic lithium battery ensures longer runtime for various devices. Its high energy density and stable voltage output are valued in applications such as emergency locator beacons and portable communication devices.


Omnicel 3.6 Volt D 19000 mAh (ER34615): Unparalleled Capacity


For applications requiring unparalleled capacity and longevity, the Omnicel 3.6 Volt D-sized lithium battery, ER34615, takes the spotlight. With an impressive capacity of 19000 mAh, it is a preferred choice for memory backup, utility meters, and more.


Versatility Meets Excellence


Omnicel lithium batteries are renowned for their versatility and excellence across a wide spectrum of applications. Their ability to deliver reliable power, maintain voltage stability, and offer a variety of sizes and capacities makes them indispensable in industries ranging from healthcare and industrial automation to aerospace and telecommunications.


In a world where innovation is driven by the relentless pursuit of progress, Omnicel lithium batteries stand as a testament to human ingenuity. Their diverse range of sizes, capacities, and superior performance characteristics make them the preferred choice for countless applications. Whether you need compact power for a miniature sensor or a high-capacity solution for an industrial device, Omnicel lithium batteries have the versatility and reliability to meet your demands. Embrace the future of power with Omnicel and experience the difference that advanced battery technology can make in your devices and systems.