Energizer Photo Lithium


Energizer Photo Lithium batteries are designed to meet the demanding power needs of photography enthusiasts, providing reliable performance and long-lasting power for digital cameras, flashes, and other photographic equipment. 


Energizer EL123 Lithium Battery:
Applications: Ideal for high-drain devices like digital cameras, flash units, and photo equipment.
Features: The EL123 offers high energy density, fast flash recovery, and reliable performance in extreme temperatures, ensuring you never miss a shot.

Energizer CR2 Lithium Battery:
Packaging: Available in single-carded and two-card packs for convenience.
Applications: Commonly used in compact digital cameras, flashlights, and electronic devices.
Features: The CR2 delivers consistent power output, excellent shelf life, and superior performance in both high and low temperatures.

Energizer 2CR5 Lithium Battery:
Applications: Suitable for use in advanced SLR cameras, film cameras, and electronic flashes.
Features: The 2CR5 offers high capacity, long shelf life, and reliable performance for extended shooting sessions and professional photography applications.

Energizer CRP2 Lithium Battery:
Applications: Designed for use in digital SLR cameras, rangefinders, and professional photographic equipment.
Features: The CRP2 provides high energy density, fast recycling times, and consistent power delivery, ensuring optimal performance in demanding shooting conditions.

Energizer CR2 Lithium Industrial Battery:
Applications: Ideal for industrial and commercial photography applications, as well as backup power for critical equipment.
Features: The CR2 Industrial battery offers long-lasting power, high reliability, and consistent performance, making it suitable for professional photographers and industrial users alike.

Energizer Photo Lithium batteries, including the EL123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, and CR2 Lithium Industrial, are trusted by photographers worldwide for their reliability, performance, and longevity. Whether you're capturing cherished memories, documenting special events, or working in demanding professional environments, Energizer's Photo Lithium batteries provide the power you need to focus on what matters most—creating stunning images.