NiCd Sub C w/Tabs


NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium) Sub C batteries with tabs are a smart choice for battery pack rebuilding and assembly, offering a fine balance between capacity and cycle life. The pre-welded tabs simplify the process of connecting multiple batteries, ensuring a dependable and secure connection. At, we present a diverse selection of NiCd Sub C batteries with tabs designed to meet your specific needs:


1. Sub C NiCd Battery with Tabs (1500 mAh): This Sub C NiCd battery boasts a 1500 mAh capacity, delivering reliable runtime for a range of applications. The pre-welded tabs make battery pack assembly and cell replacement a breeze.

2. Sub C 2200 mAh NiCd Battery with Tabs (Paper Wrapped): Featuring a higher 2200 mAh capacity, this Sub C NiCd battery is ideal for applications requiring extended runtime. The battery comes with a paper wrap for added insulation and protection during battery pack assembly. The pre-welded tabs ensure effortless connection and secure assembly.

3. Sub C NiCd Battery with Tabs (2200 mAh): This Sub C NiCd battery also offers a 2200 mAh capacity, providing extended runtime for demanding applications. The pre-welded tabs guarantee a secure connection when assembling battery packs or replacing cells in existing packs.

In summary, our range of NiCd Sub C batteries with tabs caters to various capacities and requirements. Whether you need a lower-capacity battery for everyday use or a higher-capacity option for more demanding applications, has the perfect NiCd Sub C battery with tabs to meet your needs. Shop with us to discover the ideal battery solution for your specific requirements.