NiMH Sub C Batteries


When it comes to rechargeable batteries with high capacity, Sub C NiMH batteries are the way to go. These eco-friendly batteries outperform their non-rechargeable counterparts and boast a longer lifespan. At, we offer a diverse range of Sub C NiMH batteries, catering to various needs.


1. Compact 4/5 Sub C NiMH Battery (2000 mAh): This lightweight battery is perfect for devices that require a smaller footprint without compromising on performance. Offering a 2000 mAh capacity, it delivers dependable power for a variety of applications.

2. Sub C NiMH Paper Wrapped Battery (3300 mAh): This high-capacity battery comes with a protective paper wrapping for easy identification and added safety. With a 3300 mAh capacity, it's ideal for devices that demand extended runtimes.

3. Standard Sub C NiMH Battery (3300 mAh): Similar to the paper-wrapped version, this battery boasts a 3300 mAh capacity without the paper wrapping. It suits a wide range of applications that require a balanced mix of power and runtime.

4. High-Capacity Sub C NiMH Battery (3500 mAh): Featuring a slightly higher capacity of 3500 mAh, this battery is tailored for devices that crave more power. It's an excellent choice for high-drain devices and scenarios where longer runtimes are a must.

5. Sub C Powerizer NiMH Battery (4200 mAh): Designed to offer unparalleled power and performance, this high-capacity battery boasts a 4200 mAh capacity. It's perfect for demanding applications and devices that need extended runtimes and robust power.

6. Maximum Capacity Sub C Powerizer NiMH Battery (4500 mAh): Our lineup's highest capacity battery, this Sub C Powerizer NiMH Battery, flaunts an impressive 4500 mAh capacity. It's the go-to choice for high-drain devices and applications where maximum power and runtime are critical.

In conclusion, our assortment of Sub C NiMH batteries empowers your devices with the performance and power they require. Whether you seek a compact battery with a smaller form factor or a high-capacity battery for demanding tasks, we have the perfect Sub C NiMH battery to meet your needs. Discover the ideal battery for your requirements at