NiCd Sub C Batteries


NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium) Sub C batteries are rechargeable batteries known for their durability, high discharge rates, and long cycle life. These batteries are ideal for power tools, radio-controlled devices, and other high-drain applications. At, we offer a variety of NiCd Sub C batteries to meet your specific requirements:


1. 4/5 Sub C 1300 mAh NiCd Battery (Paper Wrapped): This 4/5 Sub C NiCd battery boasts a 1300 mAh capacity and comes with paper wrapping for added protection and easy identification. It's ideal for devices needing a smaller form factor without sacrificing power.

2. Sub C NiCd Battery (2200 mAh): With a 2200 mAh capacity, this Sub C NiCd battery is perfect for high-drain devices and applications requiring longer runtimes. It provides a balanced blend of power and runtime for various applications.

3. Sub C NiCd Paper Wrapped Battery (2200 mAh): Similar to the previous battery, this version includes paper wrapping for extra protection and easy identification. It offers the same 2200 mAh capacity and suits a range of high-drain applications.

4. Sub C NiCd Button Top Battery (2000 mAh): Featuring a button top design, this Sub C NiCd battery offers a 2000 mAh capacity. It's perfect for devices demanding a reliable and powerful rechargeable battery with effortless installation.

5. 15 pcs 18 Volt Sub C 1700 mAh NiCd Batteries (1 Pack): This pack of 15 Sub C NiCd batteries is ideal for users needing multiple batteries for their devices. With a 1700 mAh capacity, these batteries deliver dependable power for 18-volt applications.

In summary, our range of NiCd Sub C batteries provides various capacities and designs to match your specific needs. Whether you require a compact battery for a smaller device or a high-capacity battery for demanding applications, we have the ideal NiCd Sub C battery for you. Shop at to discover the perfect battery for your requirements.