Panasonic CR1220 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery

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Panasonic CR1220 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery: Compact and Reliable Power


The Panasonic CR1220 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery is a small yet mighty power source designed to meet the demands of a wide range of electronic devices. With its impressive features and trusted brand, this battery is the perfect choice for your compact power needs.


Key Features:

Chemistry: Lithium - Unwavering Reliability

The CR1220 battery is built on lithium chemistry, ensuring consistent and reliable power output. Whether it's for your wristwatch, calculator, or other small devices, this battery delivers the stability you need.

Voltage: 3V - Universal Compatibility

With a voltage rating of 3 volts, the CR1220 battery is compatible with numerous devices. It provides the necessary power to keep your electronics running smoothly.

Compact Size: Fits Anywhere

Measuring just 12.5mm x 2.0mm, the CR1220 battery boasts a compact and slim design. Its size makes it a versatile choice for devices with limited battery space, ensuring it can fit snugly into various applications.

Brand: Panasonic - A Name You Can Trust

Panasonic, a renowned name in the electronics industry, is behind the CR1220 battery. You can rely on the quality and reputation of Panasonic to power your devices.

High Energy & Continuous Voltage Supply - Consistent Performance

Despite its small size, the CR1220 battery is engineered to provide high energy output and maintain a continuous voltage supply. This feature ensures your devices operate seamlessly, even during extended use.

Long Shelf Life (up to 10 years) - Ready When You Need It

One of the standout qualities of the CR1220 battery is its remarkable shelf life. It can be stored for up to 10 years with minimal self-discharge, ensuring it's always ready to power your devices when required.

Ideal Temperature Resistance - Reliable in Any Environment

Designed to withstand a broad range of temperatures, the CR1220 battery is suitable for devices exposed to varying environmental conditions. Its reliability remains steadfast, regardless of the surroundings.

Superior Storage Capacity - Extended Power

The CR1220 battery offers superior storage capacity, guaranteeing a consistent and dependable source of power for your devices. This feature enhances the performance and longevity of your electronics.



The CR1220 Panasonic battery is compatible with various battery codes, including DL1220, DL1220B, BR1220, BR1220-1W, ECR1220, CR1220-1W, KCR1220, LM1220, 5012LC, SB-T13, and L04. Its extensive compatibility ensures it can be used in a wide variety of electronic devices.


The Panasonic CR1220 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery is your reliable choice for compact and consistent power. With its lithium chemistry, high energy output, and extended shelf life, it ensures that your electronic devices receive the dependable power they need to operate at their best. Trust in the Panasonic brand and opt for the CR1220 battery for all your compact electronic power needs. Don't compromise on performance; choose Panasonic CR1220.