10-Pack Panasonic CR1220 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

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Powering Your Devices with Panasonic CR1220 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries (10-Pack)


In the fast-paced world of modern electronics, dependable power sources are essential to keep our devices running smoothly. Panasonic, a trusted name in the realm of electronics, proudly presents the CR1220 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, available in a convenient 10-pack. Renowned for their high energy output, continuous voltage supply, and extended longevity, these batteries are designed to meet your diverse power needs.


Key Features:

Chemistry: Lithium - A Reliable Power Source

The Panasonic CR1220 batteries are crafted using lithium chemistry, known for its stable performance and high energy density. This ensures a consistent and reliable power supply for your devices.

Size: CR1220 - Precision Fit

With a specific size of 12.5mm x 2.0mm, these batteries are engineered to precisely fit devices that require the CR1220 coin cell size. They effortlessly slide into the battery compartments of various gadgets.

Voltage: 3V - Universal Compatibility

With a voltage rating of 3 volts, these coin cell batteries are suitable for a wide range of devices, including watches, key fobs, remote controls, calculators, and more. They deliver the necessary power to keep your electronics functioning optimally.

Brand: Panasonic - Trusted Quality

Panasonic is a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. These CR1220 batteries carry the Panasonic name, ensuring you of their reliability and performance.

Quantity: 10 pcs - Ideal for Multiple Devices

With 10 batteries in each pack, you have an ample supply to keep multiple devices powered and ready for use.

Long Shelf Life (up to 10 years) - Always Prepared

One of the standout features of these Panasonic batteries is their impressive shelf life. With a lifespan of up to 10 years, you can store them confidently, knowing they'll be ready to power your devices whenever you require them.

Ideal Temperature Resistance - Unwavering Performance

Designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, these batteries are suitable for use in devices exposed to varying environmental conditions.

Superior Storage Capacity - A Dependable Power Source

Boasting superior storage capacity, these batteries ensure a steady and dependable source of power for your devices, enhancing their overall performance.



Panasonic CR1220 batteries are compatible with various battery codes, including DL1220, DL1220B, BR1220, BR1220-1W, ECR1220, CR1220-1W, KCR1220, LM1220, 5012LC, SB-T13, and L04. This wide compatibility ensures they can be used in a variety of electronic devices.


The Panasonic CR1220 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries (10-Pack) are a reliable and versatile power source for your everyday devices. With their lithium chemistry, long shelf life, and ideal temperature resistance, they are designed to provide consistent and long-lasting power. Panasonic's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you can trust these batteries to keep your devices running smoothly whenever you need them. Don't compromise on power; choose Panasonic CR1220 batteries for your electronic needs.