COB LED Wall Lamp

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Power Portable

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  • 15 LED’s Round Magnifier
  • 5 times magnification
  • Built in on/off button
  • Cob Panels make use brighter without shadows
  • Uses 2 AA Batteries (Included)


Introducing the COB LED Wall Lamp, a versatile and practical lighting solution designed to enhance visibility and functionality in various settings. 


Enhanced Visibility with Magnification

Equipped with 15 LED's arranged in a round magnifier, this wall lamp offers 5 times magnification, making it ideal for tasks that require detailed visibility, such as reading, crafting, or working on intricate projects.


Built-In On/Off Button

The wall lamp features a convenient built-in on/off button, allowing you to easily control the illumination without the need for additional switches or cords.


COB Panels for Bright and Shadow-Free Lighting

Utilizing COB (Chip-on-Board) LED technology, the lamp delivers bright and uniform illumination without casting shadows, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity for your tasks.


Battery-Powered for Versatility

Powered by 2 AA batteries (included), this wall lamp offers cordless operation, allowing you to install it in any desired location without the need for access to power outlets. This feature provides versatility and flexibility in placement.


Easy Installation

The wall lamp is designed for easy installation, allowing you to mount it on any wall surface with minimal effort. Whether you need task lighting in your workspace, reading light in your bedroom, or additional illumination in your bathroom, this lamp is a convenient and practical solution.


Compact and Portable

With its compact size and battery-powered operation, this wall lamp is portable and can be easily moved from one location to another as needed. Whether you're traveling, camping, or working in different areas of your home, you can take this lamp with you for reliable lighting wherever you go.


The COB LED Wall Lamp offers enhanced visibility, convenience, and versatility, making it an ideal lighting solution for various tasks and environments. Whether you're working on DIY projects, reading, or performing intricate tasks, this lamp provides the illumination you need to get the job done with precision and clarity.

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