Cob-F 100 Lumens Aluminum Flashlight (Green)

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Cob-F 100 Lumens Aluminum Flashlight (Green): Illuminate Your Adventures


Introducing the Cob-F 100 Lumens Aluminum Flashlight in vibrant green, a powerful lighting companion designed to brighten your path and enhance your adventures. With its compact size, durable construction, and impressive brightness, this flashlight is perfect for outdoor activities, emergency situations, and everyday use. 


1. Superior Illumination:

Equipped with a 3W COB (Chip-on-Board) LED, this flashlight delivers an impressive 100 lumens of bright, white light. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, working in dimly lit spaces, or navigating through the dark, this flashlight provides ample illumination to light up your surroundings.

2. Lightweight and Portable:

The Cob-F flashlight boasts a lightweight and portable design, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Whether you slip it into your backpack, glove compartment, or camping gear, you'll appreciate its compact size and convenient portability during outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

3. Durable Aluminum Casing:

Crafted from strong aluminum, this flashlight is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and everyday wear and tear. The sturdy casing not only provides durability but also offers protection against impacts, ensuring that your flashlight remains intact and functional even in challenging environments.

4. Easy-to-Use Operation:

Featuring a simple push-button On and Off switch, the Cob-F flashlight offers straightforward operation, allowing you to quickly activate the light whenever needed. Whether you're in a hurry or facing an emergency, you can rely on the intuitive design of this flashlight for instant illumination.

5. Convenient Wrist Strap:

The included wrist strap adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to keep the flashlight securely attached to your wrist while you explore, work, or move around. With the wrist strap in place, you can carry the flashlight with ease and have it readily accessible whenever you need it.

6. Battery-Powered Operation:

The Cob-F flashlight runs on 3 AAA batteries, which are conveniently included with the purchase. This means you can start using the flashlight right out of the box without the need to purchase additional batteries separately, ensuring immediate access to reliable illumination.

7. Striking Green Color:

With its eye-catching green color, the Cob-F flashlight stands out from the crowd and adds a touch of style to your outdoor gear collection. Whether you prefer bold colors or simply want to ensure your flashlight is easy to spot, the vibrant green hue of this flashlight makes it a standout choice.

Illuminate Your Adventures with Confidence:

Whether you're camping under the stars, exploring the wilderness, or preparing for emergencies at home, the Cob-F 100 Lumens Aluminum Flashlight in green is your reliable lighting companion. With its powerful illumination, durable construction, and user-friendly design, this flashlight is ready to accompany you on all your adventures, providing bright and dependable light whenever and wherever you need it.