18650 Sanyo UR18650ZY Lithium-Ion Battery (Low Profile Button)

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Enhance Your Device with the 18650 Sanyo UR18650ZY Lithium-Ion Battery


In the realm of 18650 batteries, finding the perfect fit for your device is essential. The Sanyo UR18650ZY Lithium-Ion Battery, with its unique low-profile button top design, offers a compelling blend of power, reliability, and compatibility. 


1. Versatile Compatibility:
With its low-profile button top terminal, this battery is compatible with a wide range of devices that require this specific connection type. Whether it's a flashlight, vape mod, or other electronic device, you can count on seamless compatibility.


2. High Capacity:
Featuring a capacity of 2600mAh, this battery offers ample power to fuel your devices through extended usage periods. Say goodbye to frequent recharges and enjoy uninterrupted performance for longer durations.


3. Robust Chemistry:
Built with lithium-ion chemistry, this battery delivers reliable and consistent power output. It boasts a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts, ensuring stable performance throughout its discharge cycle. Additionally, its maximum voltage of 4.2 volts and cutoff voltage of 2.75 volts optimize both power delivery and longevity.


4. Advanced Discharge Capacity:
Capable of delivering a maximum continuous discharge capacity of 5A, this battery excels in providing the necessary power for high-drain applications. Whether you're engaging in intense vaping sessions or powering demanding electronic devices, this battery rises to the challenge.


5. Precision Engineering:
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this battery exhibits exceptional build quality. Its dimensions, including a button top length of 66.03mm and a diameter of 18.47mm, ensure a snug fit in compatible devices. Made in Japan, it adheres to stringent quality standards for unparalleled reliability.


6. No Memory Effect:
Enjoy the convenience of using this battery without concerns about memory effect. You can recharge it at any time without experiencing capacity loss or diminished performance, ensuring consistent power output over its lifespan.


7. Longevity and Portability:
Benefit from its long storage life, lightweight design, and high energy density. Whether you're on the go or storing spares for emergencies, this battery offers the perfect balance of longevity and portability.


The 18650 Sanyo UR18650ZY Lithium-Ion Battery is a standout choice for those seeking a reliable power source with versatile compatibility and robust performance. Whether you're a vaping enthusiast, flashlight aficionado, or electronics user, this battery is sure to exceed your expectations.