Size P13 PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries (60pcs - 1 Box)

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PowerOne Size P13 Hearing Aid Batteries: Clear Sound, Long-lasting Power


Experience enhanced clarity and reliable performance with PowerOne Size P13 hearing aid batteries. Designed by PowerOne (Varta), these batteries offer superior quality and are trusted by millions of users worldwide. 


Dependable Power:

Operating at 1.45 volts, PowerOne Size P13 batteries deliver consistent and dependable power to your hearing aids. With their zinc-air chemistry, they ensure long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy clear and crisp sound for extended periods without interruption.


Mercury-Free and Environmentally Friendly:

PowerOne Size P13 batteries are mercury-free, making them safe for both users and the environment. This eco-friendly design reflects PowerOne's commitment to sustainability, ensuring that your hearing aid batteries have minimal impact on the planet.


Wide Compatibility:

Compatible with a wide range of hearing aid models, PowerOne Size P13 batteries offer versatility and convenience. Whether you use behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), or completely-in-canal (CIC) devices, these batteries provide reliable power to keep you connected to the sounds of life.


Convenient Packaging:

The 60-piece box packaging ensures that you have an ample supply of batteries on hand at all times. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, you can easily access and store your batteries, ensuring that your hearing aids remain powered and operational whenever you need them.


PowerOne Size P13 hearing aid batteries provide the perfect balance of performance, reliability, and convenience. With their mercury-free composition, wide compatibility, and convenient packaging, they offer an exceptional solution for maintaining optimal hearing aid performance. Invest in PowerOne Size P13 batteries today and enjoy clear, uninterrupted sound quality for all your hearing needs.