Size 312 Energizer (AZ312) Hearing Aid Batteries (48 pcs - 1 Box)

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Energizer Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries: Reliable Power for Your Hearing Devices


Energizer presents a convenient solution for individuals with hearing impairment with their 48-pack of size 312 hearing aid batteries. Crafted with precision and care, these batteries are designed to deliver consistent and dependable power for your hearing devices. 


Dependable Power Source

Operating at a voltage of 1.45 Volt, Energizer size 312 hearing aid batteries ensure reliable and consistent power to keep your devices functioning optimally. With their zinc-air chemistry, these batteries provide clear and crisp sound quality, enabling you to engage fully in conversations and activities without interruptions.


Mercury-Free Composition

Energizer prioritizes environmental sustainability and user safety, which is why their size 312 hearing aid batteries are mercury-free. This eco-friendly design ensures the safety of users and minimizes environmental impact, making them a responsible choice for powering your hearing devices.


Convenient Packaging

The 48-pack of Energizer size 312 hearing aid batteries comes in a single box, providing ample supply to meet your long-term needs. The organized packaging facilitates easy storage and retrieval, ensuring that you always have a reliable power source readily available whenever you need it.


Wide Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of hearing aid models, Energizer size 312 batteries feature an array of compatibility codes, including A312, 312A, 312AE, DA312, and more. This versatility ensures that these batteries can be used with a wide range of hearing devices, providing a convenient and reliable power solution for all users.


Enhance Your Hearing Experience

Energizer size 312 hearing aid batteries offer a reliable and convenient power solution for individuals with hearing impairment. With their dependable performance, mercury-free composition, convenient packaging, and wide compatibility, these batteries are designed to enhance your hearing experience and provide you with clear and consistent sound quality. Invest in Energizer size 312 batteries today and enjoy the confidence of reliable power for your hearing devices.