Saft LSH14 3.6 Volt C 5800 mAh Lithium Battery

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  • Voltage: 3.6 Volt
  • Capacity: 5.8 Ah
  • Size: C
  • Chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCI2)
  • Brand: Saft
  • Termination Style: Button Top
  • Shelf Life: 10+ Years
  • Maximum Recomended Continuous Current: 1300 mA
  • Maximum Pulse Current Capability: 2000 mA
  • Diameter (max): 26 mm (1.03 in)
  • Height (max): 50 mm (1.97 in)
  • Typical Weight: 51 g (1.8 oz)

Key Features

  • High operating voltage, stable during most of the application lifetime
  • Some of the highest nominal capacities on the market today
  • Excellent reliability over extended operating life
  • Operating Temperature Range: -60°C/+85°C (-76°F/+185°F)
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 3% after 1 year of storage at + 20°C)
  • Excellent resistance to humid environments
  • Low magnetic signature
  • Non-flammable (and non-pressurized at ambient temperature) inorganic (but corrosive) electrolyte
  • Less than 1% capacity loss during storage at ambient temperature before use

Compatible With

  • ER26500
  • LS26500
  • LS26500C
  • TL-4920
  • TL-2200
  • SB-C01
  • SB-C02
  • SL-770
  • XL-140F
  • XL-145F
  • PT-2200

️  Warning

  • This battery is not rechargeable. Do not try to recharge.
  • The storage area should be clean, cool (not exceeding +30 Deg C ), dry and ventilated
  • Don't use different models of battery in series.
  • Soldering the tab should be finished in few seconds.
  • Do not use if the battery casing was mangled


Saft LSH14: Powering Innovation with Long-Lasting Performance


In an age where reliability and longevity are paramount, the Saft LSH14 lithium battery emerges as a beacon of power and endurance. With its impressive capacity, stability, and versatility, the LSH14 is a trusted choice for a wide range of applications across various industries. 


Unmatched Capacity and Stability

The Saft LSH14 boasts a voltage of 3.6 volts and a capacity of 5800 mAh (5.8 Ah), making it one of the highest capacity C-sized lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries available. Its high operating voltage remains stable throughout most of its application lifetime, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding conditions. Whether powering industrial equipment, medical devices, or remote sensors, the LSH14 delivers reliable and long-lasting power.


Exceptional Reliability

Saft batteries are synonymous with reliability, and the LSH14 upholds this legacy with pride. With an operating temperature range of -60°C to +85°C (-76°F to +185°F), this battery thrives in extreme environments, from frigid Arctic conditions to scorching desert heat. Its low self-discharge rate, combined with a shelf life of over 10 years, ensures that the LSH14 is always ready to deliver power when needed, making it ideal for critical applications where downtime is not an option.


Versatile Applications

The versatility of the Saft LSH14 makes it indispensable across a wide spectrum of industries. From industrial automation and security systems to medical devices and emergency lighting, this battery excels in diverse applications that require uncompromising performance and durability. Its button top termination style facilitates easy installation, while its compact size allows for seamless integration into various devices and equipment.


Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in battery technology, and the Saft LSH14 prioritizes the well-being of users and equipment alike. With its non-flammable and non-pressurized design, coupled with excellent resistance to humid environments, this battery offers peace of mind in even the most challenging conditions. Furthermore, the LSH14 complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring utmost safety and reliability in every use case.


The Saft LSH14 lithium battery stands as a testament to innovation, reliability, and performance. With its unmatched capacity, stability, and versatility, it is the preferred choice for powering critical systems and devices across industries. Whether it's ensuring uninterrupted operation in remote locations or providing backup power for essential equipment, the LSH14 delivers consistent and dependable performance, day in and day out. 

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