Powerex C980 Smart Charger + 8 AA NiMH Powerex Rechargeable Batteries (2600 mAh) with Battery Case

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Optimize Your Power Management with the Powerex C980 Smart Charger & 8 AA NiMH Powerex Rechargeable Batteries


Efficiency, reliability, and convenience are at the forefront of the Powerex C980 Smart Charger and 8 AA NiMH Powerex Rechargeable Batteries. This dynamic combination offers cutting-edge technology and high-performance batteries to ensure you always have reliable power when you need it most. 


Powerex C980 Smart Charger: Intelligent Charging, Unmatched Versatility

The Powerex C980 Smart Charger is designed to provide intelligent charging for AA and AAA batteries, offering versatility and convenience for all your power needs. With eight independent charging slots, you can charge up to 8 AA or AAA batteries simultaneously, making it ideal for households, photographers, and professionals who rely on a steady power supply.


Featuring a Turbo Charge Current of 2.0A for AA batteries, the C980 delivers rapid charging speeds that can recharge your batteries in approximately 1 hour in Turbo Mode. This ensures minimal downtime and keeps you powered up and ready to go at all times. Additionally, the charger's Ninth-Generation MH-NM7108 Powerex Precision Microprocessor optimizes charging efficiency, prolonging battery life and performance.


The C980 also offers selectable Turbo Mode and Conditioning Mode, allowing you to customize your charging experience based on your specific requirements. Whether you need a quick recharge or want to condition your batteries for optimal performance, the C980 has you covered.


8 AA NiMH Powerex Rechargeable Batteries: Power and Performance in Every Cell

Paired with the C980 Smart Charger are 8 AA NiMH Powerex Rechargeable Batteries, each boasting a capacity of 2600mAh. These high-capacity batteries provide long-lasting power for a wide range of devices, from digital cameras to remote controls.


With improved low-temperature performance and the ability to retain up to 75% of their charge even after extended storage periods, these Powerex batteries are built to deliver consistent and reliable performance in any environment. Plus, their ultra-high capacity ensures you have the power you need for extended use, whether you're on a photo shoot or powering essential household devices.


Elevate Your Power Management Experience

The Powerex C980 Smart Charger and 8 AA NiMH Powerex Rechargeable Batteries offer the perfect combination of efficiency, reliability, and convenience for all your power management needs. With intelligent charging technology, rapid charging speeds, and high-capacity batteries, this power duo empowers you to stay powered up and productive, wherever life takes you.


Experience the difference with Powerex and take control of your power management like never before. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and hello to a more sustainable and cost-effective power solution with Powerex.