CR123A Energizer (EL123A) 3 Volt Lithium Battery (1 Card)

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  • Size: CR123A
  • Voltage: 3 Volt
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Brand: Energizer
  • Package Type: 1 On a Card


  • Long lasting performance
  • Excellent shelf life of 10 years
  • Ideal for Cameras, flashlights, Personal Computers and Memory Backup

Compatible with the Following

  • CR123A
  • DL123A, EL123AP
  • K123A
  • VL123A
  • RL123A
  • SF123A
  • 5018LC
  • CR17345
  • LC5018


Energizer CR123A 3 Volt Lithium Battery: Reliable Power for Your Devices


The Energizer CR123A 3 Volt Lithium Battery is a compact and powerful energy source designed to meet the demands of various electronic devices. With its long-lasting performance and impressive shelf life, this battery is an ideal choice for cameras, flashlights, personal computers, and memory backup devices. 



Size: CR123A
Voltage: 3 Volt
Chemistry: Lithium
Brand: Energizer
Package Type: 1 On a Card


Long-Lasting Performance: The Energizer CR123A battery is engineered to provide reliable and consistent power for your devices, ensuring uninterrupted performance when you need it most.

Extended Shelf Life: With an impressive shelf life of up to 10 years, this battery retains its power even when stored for long periods, making it a dependable choice for emergency backup devices and infrequently used equipment.


The Energizer CR123A 3 Volt Lithium Battery is commonly used in a variety of devices, including:

Cameras: Whether you're using a digital or film camera, this battery provides the power needed to capture precious moments with clarity and precision.
Flashlights: From professional-grade flashlights to everyday carry lights, the CR123A battery delivers bright and reliable illumination for both indoor and outdoor use.
Personal Computers: Ideal for powering backup systems and maintaining critical data integrity in personal computers and other electronic devices.

Reliability: Energizer is a trusted brand known for its high-quality batteries, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in a wide range of applications.
Versatility: The CR123A battery's compact size and compatibility with various devices make it a versatile power solution for professionals, enthusiasts, and everyday users alike.
Durability: Built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, this battery is designed to deliver reliable power in challenging conditions.

The Energizer CR123A 3 Volt Lithium Battery is a reliable and versatile power source for a variety of electronic devices. Whether you're capturing memories with your camera, illuminating the darkness with a flashlight, or safeguarding critical data on your personal computer, this battery provides the performance and longevity you need. Trust in Energizer to keep your devices powered and ready for action, ensuring you never miss a moment or lose power when it matters most.

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