AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 1.5 Volt Batteries (L92) (8 Card)

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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries: Unmatched Performance for Your Devices


Upgrade your battery-powered devices with Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries, designed to deliver exceptional power and longevity. 



Size: AAA
Chemistry: Lithium
Voltage: 1.5 Volt
Brand: Energizer Ultimate
Packaging: 8 Cards (8 batteries per card)

Features and Benefits:

Reliable Service Life: Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries are engineered for reliability, ensuring consistent performance in a wide range of devices. From remote controls to digital cameras, these batteries provide dependable power whenever you need it.
Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy extended runtime with Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries, which last up to 8 times longer than standard alkaline batteries. This means fewer battery changes and greater convenience for you.
Cost Savings: While Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries may have a higher upfront cost, they save you money in the long run by lasting significantly longer than alkaline batteries. With fewer replacements needed, you'll save hundreds of dollars over time.
Versatile Compatibility: These batteries are suitable for use in a wide range of devices, including high-drain gadgets like digital cameras, gaming controllers, and LED flashlights. With their 1.5 Volt output, they provide consistent power for optimal device performance.
Not Rechargeable: It's important to note that Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries are not rechargeable. However, their long-lasting performance and reliability make them an excellent choice for single-use applications.


Upgrade your devices today with Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries and experience the difference in power and performance. Trust Energizer to keep your devices running longer, saving you time and money in the process.