3.7 Volt Samsung 18650 Lithium Ion Battery with Tabs (1500 mAh)

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Unleash Reliable Power with the Samsung 18650 Lithium Ion Battery


Upgrade your electronic devices with the Samsung 18650 Lithium Ion Battery with tabs, delivering consistent power and reliability for various applications. 


High-Performance Lithium Ion Technology

Designed with advanced lithium-ion technology, the Samsung 18650 battery provides a nominal voltage of 3.7V, ensuring stable and reliable power output for your devices. With a nominal capacity of 1500mAh, this battery offers ample energy to keep your devices running smoothly for extended periods.


Robust Construction

Built to withstand rigorous usage, the Samsung 18650 battery features a sturdy cylindrical design, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic devices. Its compact size, measuring 65mm in length and 18mm in diameter, allows for easy installation in various devices without adding unnecessary bulk.


Enhanced Safety Features

Equipped with spot-welded tabs on both ends, the Samsung 18650 battery ensures secure and reliable connections, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnections or power interruptions. Additionally, it boasts a discharge cutoff voltage of 2.5V, preventing over-discharge and prolonging the battery's lifespan.


Optimized Charging and Discharging

With a charging voltage of 4.2V and a maximum discharging current of 23A, this battery supports efficient charging and discharging processes, ensuring rapid power delivery when needed. Whether you're using it in flashlights, power banks, or other devices, you can count on the Samsung 18650 battery to deliver consistent performance.


Reliable Brand Reputation

As a trusted brand in the electronics industry, Samsung is renowned for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. With the Samsung 18650 battery, you can have confidence in its reliability and durability, backed by the brand's reputation for excellence.


The Samsung 18650 Lithium Ion Battery with tabs is a reliable and efficient power solution for a wide range of electronic devices. With its high-performance lithium-ion technology, robust construction, and enhanced safety features, this battery delivers consistent power output and long-lasting performance. Upgrade your devices with the Samsung 18650 battery and experience the difference it makes in reliability and efficiency.