24 Head Power LED Emergency Light (PL-24)

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Power Portable

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  • 24 head LED Super Bright light
  • Super light and Portable
  • Built in Magnet and Hanging Hook (On Back)
  • Water Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Push Button On and Off switch
  • Ideal for Garage, Camping, Car and Emergencies
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Color: Black and Yellow
  • Dimensions: 8.25" Height x 2.5" Width x 1" Height



Introducing the 24 Head Power LED Emergency Light (PL-24), a versatile and powerful lighting solution designed to provide illumination during emergencies and various outdoor activities. 


Super Bright LED Light

Equipped with 24 powerful LED bulbs, this emergency light delivers super-bright illumination to effectively light up your surroundings during emergencies or outdoor adventures.


Compact and Portable

With its lightweight and portable design, this emergency light is easy to carry and transport wherever you go. Whether you're camping, hiking, or facing a power outage, this light is a convenient tool to have on hand.


Built-in Magnet and Hanging Hook

The light features a built-in magnet and hanging hook on the back, allowing you to easily attach it to metallic surfaces or hang it for hands-free operation. This versatility makes it ideal for use in garages, campsites, cars, and various emergency situations.


Water Resistant

Constructed with water-resistant materials, this emergency light is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and exposure to moisture. It can continue to provide reliable illumination even in rainy or wet environments.


Energy Efficient

Powered by three AA batteries (included), this emergency light is energy-efficient, providing long-lasting illumination without draining the batteries quickly. It's a reliable source of light during extended emergencies or outdoor adventures.


Easy to Use

The light features a convenient push-button on/off switch, allowing for easy operation even in stressful situations. Simply press the button to turn the light on or off as needed.


Versatile Applications

Whether you're working in the garage, camping in the wilderness, or facing a power outage at home, this emergency light is an invaluable tool. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including emergencies, outdoor activities, and everyday use.


Stylish Design

With its sleek black and yellow color scheme, this emergency light not only delivers functionality but also adds a touch of style to your emergency preparedness kit or outdoor gear.


Be prepared for emergencies and outdoor adventures with the 24 Head Power LED Emergency Light (PL-24). With its super-bright illumination, compact and portable design, and versatile features, it's an essential tool for any situation where reliable lighting is needed.

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