18650 HE4 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Battery (2500 mAh)

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Unleash Power and Durability with the 18650 HE4 3.6V Lithium-Ion Battery


When it comes to reliable power for your devices, the 18650 HE4 3.6V Lithium-Ion Battery stands out as a top choice. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and superior durability, this battery is designed to meet the demands of high-performance applications. 


Key Features and Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: Operating at a nominal voltage of 3.7V, the HE4 battery provides consistent and reliable power output for various electronic devices.
Size and Compatibility: Designed in the standard 18650 cylindrical size, this battery is compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring versatility and ease of use.
Capacity: With a capacity of 2500mAh, the HE4 battery offers ample power to keep your devices running for extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent recharges.
Chemistry: Utilizing advanced lithium-ion chemistry, this rechargeable battery delivers superior performance, reliability, and longevity, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.
Model: Featuring the HE4 model designation, this battery is known for its high discharge rate and exceptional durability, making it suitable for high-drain devices.
Max Charging and Discharging Current: With a maximum charging current of 4A and a maximum discharging current of 20A, the HE4 battery delivers fast charging and reliable power output, even under heavy loads.
Flat Design: Equipped with flat terminals on both ends, the HE4 battery offers easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of devices and applications.
Dimensions and Weight: Compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 65mm in length and 18mm in diameter, and weighing just 44g (1.55 Oz), this battery is ideal for portable devices and applications.
No Memory Effect: Enjoy consistent performance without the risk of memory loss, ensuring reliable operation throughout the battery's lifespan.
Long Storage Life: Retains its charge effectively during storage, making it suitable for backup power solutions and emergency preparedness.
Ideal for Drill Packs: With its high discharge rate and durable construction, the HE4 battery is perfect for use in drill packs and other power-hungry tools and equipment.



Reliable Performance: The HE4 battery delivers reliable and consistent power output, even under demanding conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your devices.
Longevity: Built to withstand numerous charge and discharge cycles, this battery offers long-term durability and performance, providing excellent value for your investment.
Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from power tools and electronic devices to flashlights and portable electronics, the HE4 battery offers versatility and convenience for various uses.

The 18650 HE4 3.6V Lithium-Ion Battery is a powerhouse of reliable power and durability, ideal for powering your high-performance devices and tools. With its advanced features, robust construction, and versatile applications, the HE4 battery is the perfect choice for users who demand nothing but the best. Invest in the HE4 battery today and experience the difference it makes in powering your devices with efficiency, reliability, and longevity.