C Duracell (MN1400) Alkaline Batteries (Box of 12)

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Duracell MN1400 C Alkaline Batteries: Reliability in a Larger Form


In our technology-driven world, batteries play a crucial role in keeping our devices powered. Duracell, a trusted name in the battery industry, offers the MN1400 C Alkaline Batteries, designed to provide consistent power for devices that demand larger, high-capacity cells. 


Key Specifications:

The Duracell MN1400 C Alkaline Batteries are engineered to deliver dependable power for a wide range of devices. Here are the key specifications:

Size: C
Chemistry: Alkaline
Voltage: 1.5 Volt
Brand: Duracell

Dependable Power for Larger Devices:

C-sized batteries are commonly used in devices that require more power and longer runtimes, such as large flashlights, portable radios, and certain toys. The Duracell MN1400 C Alkaline Batteries provide a consistent 1.5 volts of power, ensuring that your larger devices operate efficiently and reliably.


Duracell Quality You Can Trust:

Duracell has earned a reputation for providing reliable power solutions. When you choose Duracell, you're selecting a brand that has consistently delivered dependable batteries to consumers for decades. The MN1400 C batteries continue this legacy of quality.


Economical Packaging:

This package of Duracell C Alkaline Batteries includes a total of 12 batteries in a single box. This provides you with an economical and convenient supply of batteries to meet your needs, whether they are for everyday essentials or specialized applications.


Versatile Applications:

C-sized batteries are versatile and indispensable for a wide variety of devices and scenarios. Whether you're using them in camping lanterns, emergency equipment, or large toys, the Duracell MN1400 C Alkaline Batteries are well-suited for diverse applications. Their 1.5-volt output ensures consistent performance across different devices.


The Duracell MN1400 C Alkaline Batteries are your trusted choice to power larger devices that demand higher capacity cells. Their larger size, dependable performance, and the reputation of the Duracell brand make them an excellent option for various applications, especially those requiring prolonged usage and increased power. When you select Duracell, you're not just choosing batteries; you're making a reliable and trusted choice to ensure that your larger devices receive the consistent power they need to operate efficiently and reliably.