9 Volt Duracell MN1604B1 Alkaline Batteries (Box of 6)

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Discover the Dependable Duracell MN1604B1 9-Volt Alkaline Batteries


In a world powered by technology, reliable batteries are a necessity. Duracell, a trusted name in the battery industry, continues to impress with its range of high-quality products. 


Specifications and Features:

The Duracell MN1604B1 Alkaline Batteries are compact 9-volt powerhouses designed for consistent performance. Here's a quick overview of their key specifications and features:

Size: 9 Volt
Chemistry: Alkaline
Voltage: 9 Volt
Brand: Duracell
Model: MN1604B1
Made in: USA
Included Qty: 6 pcs

These batteries are engineered to provide a steady 9-volt output, making them ideal for devices that demand higher power levels, including smoke detectors, wireless microphones, and musical instrument pedals. The fact that they're manufactured in the USA speaks volumes about Duracell's commitment to quality and safety.


Dependable Performance:

Duracell is synonymous with reliable battery performance, and the MN1604B1 batteries are no exception. Whether they're keeping your home safe by powering smoke detectors or enhancing your musical performance through guitar pedals, these batteries deliver dependable and consistent power. When it comes to critical devices, you can trust Duracell to keep them running smoothly.


Versatile Applications:

The 9-volt size of the MN1604B1 batteries lends itself to a wide range of applications. They're commonly used in smoke detectors for home safety, wireless microphones for stage performances, and various audio equipment like guitar pedals. Thanks to their versatility and high voltage output, they're a popular choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Duracell Quality Assurance:

Duracell's commitment to quality shines through in every product they manufacture, including the MN1604B1 batteries. When you choose Duracell, you're investing in batteries with a long shelf life, ensuring they're ready to perform when needed. Duracell's reputation for excellence has made them a trusted brand worldwide, and their batteries consistently meet the highest standards.


Environmental Responsibility:

Beyond performance, Duracell is also dedicated to environmental responsibility. The MN1604B1 Alkaline Batteries are free of added mercury, cadmium, and lead, making them eco-friendly. Duracell actively supports battery recycling programs, promoting responsible disposal and recycling of used batteries. By opting for Duracell, you not only get reliable batteries but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


The Duracell MN1604B1 9-Volt Alkaline Batteries offer a dependable and powerful solution for a wide array of applications. Whether it's for safety devices, audio equipment, or high-power gadgets, these batteries provide the performance and quality you can rely on. Duracell's unwavering commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility makes them a top choice for consumers seeking dependable power sources.